The Cuchara Valley is home to some amazing artists, and we are happy to feature their work in our gallery.

Please take a tour throughout our tavern, dining room and up in our loft to see works currently on display including paintings, sculpture, and multi-media works. Colorado and the southwest United States offer fantastic inspiration to these artists and we are proud to exhibit their pieces.

Artists include: Shawn Bridges, Diane Broce, Scot Mangold, Marnee Camp, Bradley Lemons, Frances Staniforth, Tim Deibler, Marcia Barclay, Nancy Carroll, Jonathan and Beth Evans, Jeff Stovall, Pamela Ward, Heather Curtis, Wayne Stewart, Micheal Scott, Kathy Hill, Susan Marple, and Troy Robinson. Please take time to enjoy the offerings. Each piece is clearly marked with a price. We encourage you to take home a piece of artwork from one of our artists and add it to your collection.

flower painting corner owl
bear dining room paintings corner paintings
fireplace paintings main wall paintings


The Timbers Restaurant & Tavern
23 Cuchara Avenue East
Cuchara, CO 81055