23 Cuchara Ave East, Cuchara, CO 81055, us

(719) 742-3838 for dinner reservations

Welcome to Cuchara's Mountain Restaurant

Cuchara Valley Pantry


From the pantry

The next time you are in the restaurant grab some of the special spices and seasonings we make in house and use on our entrees!


Stock your cabin or take some home

We have slow cooked black garlic, mushroom powder, smoked salts, ribeye rub, dukkah, rosemary salt, and a delicious Middle Eastern 9 spice blend.



When you get in town stop by and order smoked salmon, brisket or pulled pork to keep in your freezer. Actually if you ask we will smoke anything for you from tofu to jalapeños. Smoked items need a week lead time. This is also great to order before you head back to your home. Smoked portioned and frozen. You'll never go hungry.